Mom, Volunteer, Reader, Cook, Gardener, Teacher, Traveler, National Park Enthusiast, Dog Walker, Music Lover ~ and Maya Angelou aficionado, and that’s just me. With 2 boys and a dog I can use all the tips, tricks and patience to keep things running around here.

My life is more than parenting, so I’ve updated my blogging to reflect all sides of my life.  I’m now posting at: www.planningmaven.com

Full time parent to two 2E kiddos — teen & tween boys, living in the suburbs of Ottawa.  Doctors have tried to label them many things including – sensory processing disorder, gifted, vestibular processing challenges, double vision, ADD, ADHD, etc. etc.  But I’m sticking with the label that they are awesome.

If you’re a parent of one, two or more 2E kids, you know there is a ton of reading research and advice for how to manage your life and your kids.  I’ve created this blog to share my research, and hopefully short circuit some of yours.  We could all use some time back — to have a cup of tea, go for a walk or even catch up on sleep.

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