Ottawa Only

Hikes & Nature Walks

  • Mud Mountain Dam – kids like it mostly for the name and the river at the bottom.
  • Seward Park Loop (2 1/2 mile, flat loop)
  • Mercer Slough (not exactly a hike, but wow do the kids like exploring in here)
  • Snoqualmie Falls (finally reopen!  we’ve been here so many times, kids are bored with it)
  • Twin Falls (1 3/4 miles or 3 1/4 miles from Iron Horse)
  • Little Si (this took us a couple times to conquer, 2 1/2 miles w/ 1500 feet elevation gain)

Museums & Indoor Outings

Service Providers

Locally Sourced Produce, Meats, Eggs & Groceries

One thought on “Ottawa Only”

  1. I’ll see if I can find it next time I’m at the library. I think the main crpulit here was kicking too much in the swim and not drinking on the bike, but that sounds like a helpful book anyway.


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