Shading the Earth?

I’ve completely changed my attitude and language about the environment.  It’s not global warming, it’s climate change.  I’d almost be in favour it if it were global warming.  I live well above sea level; it wouldn’t be as cold here in Ottawa in the winter; my veggies would have a longer growing season in the summer.  What’s not to love?

But this climate change stuff is a disaster.  We are beseiged by rain and clouds for the second growing season in a row.  My veggies are beautiful and leafy, but with no produce develping.  The strawberries at the local farm might look tasty, but they are water logged.  It’s freezing here in the winter, and now it’s freezing here in the summer.  Forget the airconditioning bill.  I’m about to turn on the furnace!

All that to say, is that as far as I can tell, the earth is already shaded.  But the climate experts at the Carnegie Institution have a different idea.  The want to build a massive parrasol for the earth to help keep the sun’s rays off us and cool things down.