Summer Travel Tips

While I don’t think we’ll be going on too many voyages with the gang this summer, here are some sources summer travel tips for you and your family.

  • Summer Road Safety:  Packing a summer emergency kit is a good idea.  I always have my winter emergency kit in the car, but once the snow melts,  I have a jack and that’s about it floating around the back.  It also suggests you “stay on top of your fluids”.  The article is referring to your car, but I know having a couple of spare bottles of water in the car (and in the stroller) are indispensable.
  • Print out a copy of Amazing Mom’s car games to put an end to the why’s.  Come to think of it, this might be good for all car trips, not just the extended ones.
  • Add to your collection of songs with music and lyrics from Song for Teaching.  For traveling themes, there are some great US geography songs.  I’d love to find some equivalents for Canada.
  • Best Nanny suggests:  Math Games, Imaginary Hide and Seek, Travel Scavenger Hunt  and other non-electronic games
  • And of course no summer trip with the kids is complete without snacks.  I love this mom’s suggestion of packing one cooler snack and one non-refrigerated snack — and her tip to store wet wipes in the car!

How to get kicked off a plane

Well given my opinion about giving unnecessary drugs to my kids, and the fact that my son once sang “the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round” for an hour straight on a train to Toronto (not the whole song mind you, just that portion of the lyrics), it’s likely that I too would have kicked off the Continental flight.

I love the author’s suggestion of having a kids only section of the plane.  On our flight back from Europe earlier this spring, the top section of the 747 was almost exclusively parents with children.  There were 4 week olds and twelve year olds and everything in between.  It worked out really well.  It reminded me of baby movie days, in that there’s an expectation of some noise and somehow while one baby/child might be loud, once you get a handful of them squwaking, it becomes background noise.